The Bends

Psychological Delusions.

The following are a few style frames done as an assignment for Ash Thorp's Learn Squared "Main Title Design" online class. We were given a list of fictional movie loglines and I decided to explore designs for "The Bends" based on the following logline:

"A time-traveling hooligan experiences psychological delusions after taking too many trips into the past and future."

I decided to depict the time-traveling between past and future through the use of colors where the name credits cross through. At first, the colors are more natural, feeling like hopeful blue skies, but over time, as they cross back and forth too many times, the colors progressively get more and more psychedelic and unnatural to represent the psychological delusions. The divide between the past and future start to blur more and the typography starts to disintegrate towards the end, hinting at the loss of control and sense of self or reality over time.