Mirman School

Raised to the power of Mirman.

Mirman School is a unique school in LA specializing in educating highly-gifted children. But it is more than just academics—each student is unique in their personalities, interests, and learning. The minute you walk through those Mirman gates, you are welcomed by a supportive community of students, teachers, and parents. Everyone contributes to an enriching education that exponentially raises each child’s potential, curiosity, passions—and everything in between—to the power of Mirman.

When DISTINC_ had the opportunity to completely rebrand the school, we knew we had to capture not only their academic nature but every aspect of the school's education and students. Together with my creative director, we developed a simple, yet flexible brand identity system where Mirman School is the exponent that raises everything to the power of Mirman. And with the new identity, I also designed a new website; wrote, directed, and animated the new brand unveil video; designed a new stationery, viewbook, ads, and signage. 

Brand Launch Video

To unveil the new brand, I wrote, designed, directed, and animated a video to capture the essence of Mirman School and the ideas behind our new identity system. We worked with Zemma Productions, who did an amazing job shooting all the footage, recording the voiceover track, and editing it all together.