The Broad Stage 2015/16 Season

Awaken Your Senses.

The Broad Stage is a unique theater in Santa Monica, always bringing in world-class classical, jazz, world, and opera music as well as dance performances and plays. The 2015/16 season was no different, bringing in some of the most electrifying performances yet. As the performing art center’s long-term marketing partner, DISTINC_ strategically built upon the past seasons while bringing in a new freshness to the visual language with gradients and lively compositions to reflect this season's exciting performances.

As the lead designer, I was responsible for all of their 2015/16 season marketing needs, from all the print collateral—including brochures, mailers, magazine ads, and newspaper ads—to digital ads, social media assets, and email templates.


Season Launch Video

To launch the season, The Broad Stage held a special event for their members and revealed the season's lineup with this video. I took the lead in bringing the season's theme to life by storyboading and directing the video.